For My Sister

October 07, 2015  •  10 Comments

For my sister. . .

This photo means more to me than any

other photo I have ever taken.


I had this shoot planned for months and had to cancel several times for various reasons.  I had put a lot of time making props like flower baskets, floral crowns, and ribbon sticks.  I had the perfect location planned with a light house, open field and beach for the setting.  I knew what poses I wanted and had a plan on how I was going to execute each one.  But I wasn't going to be able to carry out any of that because God had a different plan.


This was my last and final chance to be a part of this Ms. Plum Traveling Dress Project.  This project is about photographers from all over the nation, Canada and Europe, that photograph the same purple dress.  Once they have had a chance to photograph the dress they ship it on to the next person.  No one knows how the other person is going to photograph the dress.  Once everyone has had a chance to photograph it, we bring all the images together in a blog circle.  It is a fun and interesting way to see how other photographers' creativity and vision are so different for the same dress.


I had lost my sister four days before this final shoot.  I had wanted to cancel because I was emotionally exhausted.  But how was I going to cancel AGAIN on these girls?  My husband encouraged me to still do the shoot because he felt it would probably help me feel better.  The model was leaving out of town and I had to ship the dress to the next photographer the next day.  So this was it. Now or never.


We had nice weather all day until the time we needed to leave for this shoot.  Then it started to rain. No! Actually down pour.  When we checked the radar the weather was just as bad at the location we were going to shoot at and it looked like it wasn't going to let up any time soon.  I was devastated.  All the time I put into planning this, rescheduling over and over again, and the emotions of the week, I was done!


I called my friend (the mother of the model) to cancel.  But being positive and energetic as she is, she said we'll just do something else.  We'll have her play in the RAIN.


And then it hit me!  I wasn't going to have her play in the rain.  I was going to have her DANCE in the rain.  You see, not only was my sister's favorite color purple but her motto on life was:

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. . .

It's about learning to Dance In The Rain


Somehow or someway I felt this was my sister's way of telling me that everything was going to be okay.  I will admit I was not feeling creative when I was doing this shoot and I know this photo technically has so much wrong with it.  But for ME, it has everything emotionally right.

Anyone who knew my sister would agree this is completely her.

This is for you Shari!  God bless you always.



Click on this link so you can follow the blog circle and see the amazing images that Beth from Photos by EJ Russell created.


Lisa Jenkins(non-registered)
Sandi, I am so sorry for the loss of your sister and the heartache you are going through. I am so glad you were able to be supported in this so that you could gain the blessing in seeing this moment unfold just as you needed it to. It's beautiful, poignant, and will forever carry special meaning to you.
Terrie Jo(non-registered)
Sandy this is beautiful , I'm sure Shari it right there with you and loving you for being such a beautiful sister u are! Much love and Hugs, TJ and Jeff
Mayra S.(non-registered)
Sandi, I had no idea what you were going through and you were so beautiful and professional throughout. I'm so glad we got to do this shoot. Luna had such a magnificent time. Isn't God wonderful though, to send us a little message in the midst of your storm. Your sister was with us and that's why everything came out just as God intended. You did an amazing job.
Cathy K(non-registered)
The older I get the more I realize that life gives us signs all the time and most of the time we are too busy or distracted to see them. I think you and your sister have just shared a beautiful bond with all of us! And a beautiful image as well!
Alishia Potter(non-registered)
Big {{HUGS}} sweet Sandi--this sentiment for your sister is beautiful and the images are simply perfect. <3
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